Monday, June 11, 2012

Note from Europe - A fever!

There´s a nasty fever here in Europe - a soccer fever!

So, last night, PoznaƄ (Poland) looked like this

and this

and this

´cause Croatia won Ireland in our first EURO 2012 game!!!


Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tutorial - The Fairy Skirt

Just as I promised yesterday, I bring you a tutorial for this lovely skirt! I gotta say, I just enjoy wearing it, the way flows when I walk...beautiful! The secret is about the fabric. I used muslin, two layers of it. I´ve also put a layer of another maching fabric that is not so transparent.

So, if you want to sew it too, here is what you´re going to do:
The skirt has 3 layers - two from muslin and one from another fabric. I guess if your main fabric is not so transparent like mine was you can do it without this third layer. But you definitly have to go with two layers of muslin, it looks much nicer than just one. You will need 4 pieces of muslin fabric 40x30 inches and 2 pieces of another, non-transparent fabric, also 40x30 inches.
I must admit, here in Europe is much simpler (and cheaper) to buy this amount of fabric ´cause the width of fabrics in our stores is between 135 and 150 cm ( wich is cca 54-60 inches).

And you will also need some lastik band, mine was 20 inches long.
Lay down all of your six pieces of fabric.

Cut the corners like in a picture above.

Sew it.

Take all 6 layers together, mark it with pins and sew it at the top.

Sew lastik band to get the circle.

Adjust your machine to a strait stitch, in the longest stitch length available. Sew two parallel lines down the side of your strip, leaving long threads at the ends. Then take the bottom (bobbin) threads and pull them with one hand, while gently pushing your fabric away from them with the other hand. Now you have to arrange your gathers so that they are even and that they fits your hips.

Sew lastik band to skirt.

And enjoy your spring walk..

Happy sewing!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Fairy Skirt for I Will Wear it in Public Challenge

Mom, you look like a son said.

I took part in the Ricochet and Away "I Will Wear it in Public" Sewing Challenge. It was really great since I didn´t sew for myself for a while and this was the kick I needed. The participants needed to try something new, learn a new skill. This was hard one since I started this whole sewing adventure 16 years ago and try prety much everything. Than I realized that when I sew for myself I often don`t finish the thing, at least not right away. So, that was my challenge, to sew a garment in one afternoon. And I did it successfully!

I really like to wear it, love how it flows when I walk.

So, If you like it, go to Ricochet and Away and vote.
And come back here tomorow ´cause I have prepared a simple pattern and tutorial for this lovely skirt.

Happy creating,