Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PicMonkey - have you try it?

As you all probably already know, Picnik (which was my personal favorite free photo editor) is closing down in April :-(

The good news is I've found an awesome new site that was started by creators of Picnic.com.

It´s really simple, really really cute and it´s free.
Options are no different from the options offered by Picnik, but everything looks simpler to use.
These are some options:
  *Basic: crop, rotate, exposure, resize, colours
  *Effects, so many of them
  *Touch Ups...like wrinkle remover, red eye remover and even weight loss!!
  *Add text and stickers
  *Borders...add frames, rounded corners etc
Go there and try it! You won't be disappointed!

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Love, Lucija


  1. For a quick photo editing addict like me, it was a great find- Thank you!!!!!

  2. I loved Picnik too. I tried several other sites, but they were all so hard to use. And then found PicMonkey. I'm so happy to have something so easy to use. I'm glad you found it. I think I'll go help spread the word too.