Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few things I´ve been working on..

First, I have a little braging to do:-) Sew Mama Sew published my tutorial! How crazy is that!

Go and check this awsome One Starp Bag tutorial. It´s perfect kids accessory, you can make a cute one for girl or a cool one for a boy.

And another thing, there is a week 3 of Project Recycled going on!
This was my entry for the first week:

..and for the second
I am working on tutorials for these two, so stay tuned!

So, head on over to T-Shirt Diaries. I can´t tell what did I make this week, that´s the rule, but take a look and cast vote for your favorite project of the week...
You can vote once a day, with voting closing on Friday.

Happy creating!

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