Monday, January 23, 2012

Party skirt

I am really sorry I didn´t post this when I promise. Real life often gets in the way:-) But, tutorial is now here. Simple and quick, I hope you will like it!

This skirt has 4 layers. Dimensions are: 63 inch X 16 inch (white one)
                                                           63 inch X 16 inch
                                                           63 inch X 12 inch
                                                           63 inch X 8 inch
And you will also need some lastik band, mine was 20 inches long.

Take all 4 layers together, mark it with pins and sew it.
Sew lastik band.
Gather your skirt a little, so it fits your hips.
Sew lastik band to skirt.
Happy sewing!

Love, Lucija


  1. I adore how you made this skirt look ombre with the different layers of lace! SO cute!

  2. I simply love this skirt! It is being featured as one of the top patterns on SewSet today! Thanks so much for sharing!